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Teoxane Skin Care Kit

Teoxane Skin Care Kit

The Teoxane Skin Care Kit contains the following Products:

Teoxane RHA Micellar Solution

A unique complex of active ingredients incorporating the RHA patented technology in combination with soothing Rose Water for a perfect cleansing of all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, and a first treatment. Also used to prepare the skin prior to a professional aesthetic care.

Teoxane RHA Serum

The high-dose RHA helps to reactivate skin’s natural mechanisms of deep regeneration: cell renewal and tissue restructuring. High hydration power and instant tightening effect. From 14 days, signs of skin fatigue disappear. Smoother skin regains its ability to reflect light, complexion is brighter, skin becomes plumper and more toned.

Teoxane Advanced Filler * (Please select Dry Skin or Normal Combination Skin)

The exclusive combination of RHA® and Restructuring Complex boosts the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen deep inside the skin to recreate its tissue from inside and fill wrinkles in. Skin is smoothed, comfortable and soft. After several applications, skin is plumped up, wrinkles are filled in and lines are diminished. Its unique soft and enveloping texture is specially adapted to comfort dry skin.

Teoxane Advanced Perfecting Shield

Hydrates, restructures and protects the resistance against visible signs of aging. Skin is instantly hydrated, smoothed and more luminous. After 7 days of use, the skin appears more resistant, firmer and complexion is more even.

Teoxane Perfect Skin Refiner – Night Renewal Cream

RHA and highly concentrated resurfacing ingredients rapidly increases the quality of your skin. In 15 days the effects are visible on the markers of “perfect skin”: The complexion becomes more uniform and radiant, pores are refined and pigmented spots are corrected.

Teoxane RHA Advanced Eye Contour

An expert anti-fatigue and anti-aging solution, developed specifically for the eye-contour area. A formula specially designed to be fragrance-free for sensitivity around the eyes. Instantly delivers a feeling of freshness. Dark circles and puffiness are visibly reduced. Used regularly, wrinkles and fine lines are progressively filled. The eye contour is evened out and brightened for a visibly refreshed eye area.