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ENLIGHTEN - Pigmented, blemished skin

Neostrata Enlighten Pigment Lightening Gel 20ml

Neostrata Enlighten Pigment Lightening Gel 20ml

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Neostrata Enlighten Pigment Lightening Gel's unique formulation combines the active brighteners Butyl Resorcinol, Kojic Acid and Vitamin C, to help reduce the appearance of existing pigmentation and discourage new spots from forming. An AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) /PHA (Polyhydroxy Acid) blend helps to exfoliate skin and spots, while Licorice Extract enhances brightness. Skin is left brighter, clearer and smoother. Enlighten your daily skincare regimen with this powerful spot corrector. 

How to use:
Apply gel on the affected area twice daily. Limit sun exposure during and after use to prevent darkening from reoccurring. Using a sunscreen or wearing Sun protective clothing is recommended with use of this Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) product and for one week after, to minimize the risk of sun sensitivity / sunburn.