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Mene & Moy (M & M System)

Mene & Moy (M & M System) Facial Masque C10 50ml

Mene & Moy (M & M System) Facial Masque C10 50ml


Mene & Moy Facial Masque C10 is a transparent peel-off mask for sensitive skins, post-peeling, intense hydration and soothing. Suitable for all skins. Day spa for the face allowing an immediate cleansing & antioxidant effect, leaving the skin smooth, soft & refreshed.

How to Use:
Apply an even layer over previously cleansed skin of face and/or neck. Let it dry & act for 20-30 minutes, until perfectly dry. Then remove the film, starting from the neck & peeling towards the forehead in a uniform manner. Remove residuals delicately rinsing with fresh water.

  • Size:
  • Directions for Use:
    Apply a thin layer evenly over the face and neck, having cleansed your skin before with Cleanser Sensitive Skin. Leave to take effect for 20 minutes until the mask is completely dry.