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Mene & Moy (M & M System)

Mene & Moy (M & M System) Endless Facial Moisturizer 50ml

Mene & Moy (M & M System) Endless Facial Moisturizer 50ml


Mene & Moy Endless Facial Moisturiser is a specially blended Silicone Crosspolymer system which delivers moisture on an endless basis. Its elegant texture allows for re-wetting so that the hydration can continue for as long as the polymer is not washed off the skin. This moisturizer contains Grape Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamins A,B,E and Beta Glucan, amongst other important ingredients. Beta Glucan helps boost the skins natural defence system, protecting against environmental damage. Silicone Crosspolymer, offers endless hydration. Biomin Aquacinque, reacts with skin protein and strengthens skin cells. Vitamins A,B,& E protects the skin.


  • B-glucan to increase skin’s natural defences and protect it from environmental aggression.
  • Silicone polymers for long-lasting hydration
  • Biomin aquacinque to reinforce dermal cells
  • Vitamins A, B and E to protect skin.

How to Use:

Apply to the face and neck. Recommended for morning and night-time treatment.

  • Size: