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Dermaceutic Serum C25 Antioxidant

Dermaceutic Serum C25 Antioxidant


Dermaceutic Serum C25 is an antioxidant concentrate with more than 25% of stable Vitamin C.

Serum C25 contains a revolutionary antioxidants formulation that effectively controls free radicals and ensures resistance to sunlight and pollution. Factors triggering wrinkles and dark spots are therefore regulated and inhibited. Methylsilanol ascorbate (stable vitamin C derivative) protects collagen fibers from oxidative stress and maintains skin moisture levels.

Recommended For:

  • Loss of tonicity
  • Irregular complexion

How to Use:

  • Apply every morning on the face and around the eyes.
  • Cleanse the skin beforehand with Cleanser 5 or Foamer 15 to optimize results.
  • Recommended in association with treatment of wrinkles (TurnOver) and dark spots (Light Ceutic and Yellow Cream).
  • Use Sun Ceutic if your skin is exposed to the sun.