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Dermaceutic Light Ceutic - Night Cream

Dermaceutic Light Ceutic - Night Cream


Dermaceutic Light Ceutic - Skin Toning Night Cream contains 8% of glycolic acid, 4% phytic acid and a stabilised vitamin C derivative and contributes to skin radiance and evens out skin tone.

Glycolic acid is a mild exfoliating agent that evens out the complexion and helps other agents to penetrate deeply into the skin. Phytic acid inhibits tyrosinase (which causes skin pigmentation), and also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. Methylsilanol ascorbate (stable vitamin C derivative), protects collagen fibers from oxidative stress and regulates pigment production.

Benefits of using Dermaceutic Light Ceutic Lightening Cream:

  • Combats irregular or dull complexion
  • Prevents the appearance of dark spots

How to Use:

  • Apply in the evening on the face and neck.
  • To maximise the depigmenting action, superimpose Yellow Cream on the dark spots.
  • Cleanse the skin beforehand with Cleanser 5 or Foamer 15 to optimise results.
  • Use Serum C25 for its antioxidant action and Sun Ceutic in the morning before sun exposure.