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Mene & Moy (M & M System) Facial Lotion C20 30ml

OUR PRICE: £50.00
Size: 30ml
Directions for Use: Facial Lotion C20 is used daily basic makeup and eye contour. Overlay Facial Sunscreen if sun exposure. To heighten treatment, use a night cream Phytic Cream, Enhanced Cream or Advanced C Cream.

Mene & Moy Facial Lotion C20 is a Vitamin C 20 in an absorbable form (oil-soluble ascorbyl palmitate) associated with 6% glycolic acid, green tea, vitamins E and A and grapeseed extract. To our knowledge the highest concentration of anti-oxidants currently available. pH 3.8. Stimulates collagen and elastin formation; antioxidants protect and repair skin from sun and pollution damage. Excellent make-up base. Well tolerated by all skin types.  Signs of skin recovery visible after two weeks of use.


  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, leaving skin smooth
  • Neutralises free radicals
  • Evens out skin-tone
  • Protects against pollution- Skin becomes firmer, more resistant with a glowing complexion.

How to Use:
Suitable for all skin types. After cleaning & drying the skin thoroughly, apply sparingly to face & neck. Use twice daily or as recommended, and allow to dry before applying Facial Sunscreen . To enhance results, use a night cream such as Phytic Cream or Enhanced Cream.